I’m Nathan Sims, and I’m the man behind Aimless J. Lackluster, a pen name of sorts that I started using for creative endeavors going back to around 1998.  The name presented itself in a doodle, and has stuck with me through the years.  As Aimless, I’ve built websites, released video games and other interactive experiences, exhibited collections of my paintings in one-man art shows, recorded music albums both as a solo artist and guitarist/vocalist/songwriter in a collaborative environment, have created a brand of t-shirts and pinback buttons, and have quietly and anonymously created countless ephemeral and experimental art projects.

I have created these things and developed these disciplines for the sheer joy I find in the process of creation, and from an innate desire to stay on the steepest slope of the learning curve.

Professionally, I cut my graphic design teeth within a high volume print environment, and delved into web by creating a high volume ecommerce website built on the open-source Magento platform, thanks to a gutsy business partner who let me try and tackle something I had never done.  I have found that it is rare to find a designer who has actually worked in both the print (CMYK) and web (RGB) world, and my expertise in both is something I’m quite proud.

This website serves as a repository for both my successes and failures as an artist and creative professional.  Thank you for taking the time to look.

-Nathan Sims